Career Planning Cycle- Take Corrective Action

Now that your Career Plan is in place and you are monitoring your results, you need to develop a strategy for making adjustments.

Review Strategy

As we look at each item, make note of those that are NOT where you want them to be. These are the things that will need to be adjusted.

It is very normal for things to change, so don’t be discouraged if there are a few items that are not working out like you had hoped. Adjustments are a normal part of the process. The good thing is that you are taking note of them and making a change.

If you are are not meeting the dates that you set up for each milestone, take some time to try and figure out why:

  • Do you need to give more time to each step?
  • Are you not focused on the project and need to be more productive?
  • Is this outcome no longer important to you and you need to re-examine your goals?

Also, as you reach each milestone and complete each step, is it getting you to the point in your career that you expected?

  • Have you changed where you are headed?
  • Did you miscalculate how things would happen?
  • Has an outside influence affected your outcome?

Remember, it is okay to make changes. What is not okay is to ignore the things that aren’t working and expect a good outcome. The smartest thing you can do is be aware and be flexible.

How often are you reviewing your progress and making changes?


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