Hiring Talent- Develop a Successful Interviewing Process

How do you conduct interviews that get results? By making sure you are asking the right questions and having a good process.

Interview Technique Selection
Have a good mix of objective and subjective questions. You want to learn about their abilities and work experience as well as their personality traits and interpersonal skills. Ask some challenging questions and have them back up their answers with specifics.

Interview Organization & Execution
Plan your questions ahead of time. Focus on the critical skills needed to do the job well. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the top three skills necessary. Also take into account the vital issues and challenges that exist at your company.

Feedback & Decision Making
Focus on the top three skill needs you identified before the interview. As you decide, make sure these things are driving your decisions. Remember the list of issues and challenges that are part of your organization. Make sure the candidates have the right characteristics to be successful within your company dynamic.

The Rest of the Process
No matter how great you feel about the candidate, you should always do your research. Check references, do a background check, look at their online profiles, etc. These extra steps are important and can save time and money later.

What is your interview process like? What is your favorite interview question.



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