Career Planning Cycle- Monitor Progress

Having an Action Plan is great- but you will run into trouble if you don’t monitor your progress. Not everything will go perfectly and you need to be able to adjust as you go.

Review Quarterly

You should review your plan quarterly and evaluate your progress, as well as the effectiveness of the actions you planned.

  • Are you reaching the milestones you set?
  • Are you on track with your due dates?
  • Was your timing too aggressive?
  • Have you had proper focus and effort?
  • Also, as you reach each milestone and complete each step, is it getting you to the point in your career that you expected?

Another good reason to examine your progress quarterly is you can make notes to use when Preparing Your Annual Review. The steps you are taking to further your career should be noted and mentioned at review time.

Are you monitoring your steps toward your goals?


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