Hiring Talent- Create Ideal Candidate Experience

As an employer, the impression you make in the interview can have a large impact on how that person feels about your company and your brand.

You should be striving to create the best candidate experience possible for every single candidate. That way, even the people you don’t hire will have a positive feeling about your organization- and they will probably tell someone else. Over time, this builds the reputation for your company as an employer.

Plan for a Great Experience
You should plan to give the candidates a good experience from the beginning. Examine the entire process and think about how it looks through the eyes of a candidate. Are you giving them enough information? Are you listening when they talk? Is the process a good give and take between both parties?

Collect the Information You Need
Give some thought to the interview questions you are asking. Are you getting information that will help you in making the final decision? Don’t just ask the cliche questions, ask things that are very specific to your organization and the position. Ask questions about personality and interpersonal skills as well as the technical skills needed.

Manage Candidate Expectations
Thank everyone for their interest, regardless of their qualifications. Explain what your search process will be like. Make sure you tell them when to expect a decision- and stick to it.

Communicate in a Timely Manner
If something comes up to change your timeline, give them a status update. No one likes to be kept hanging.

Close the Loop
Make sure you let everyone know when the position is filled and thank them for their interest. Tell the candidates that were close that you will keep them in mind for future positions. You may have future opportunities that they would be perfect for and you want them to think of you in a positive light.

What do you do to create a great experience for your candidates?


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