Career Planning Cycle- Develop an Action Plan

You now have all the pieces, you just need to put them together into an action plan. Look at the list you came up with from Determining Exposures. Take those items and decide when you can implement each part.

List Your Activities

Some things are on a structured timeline, such as going back to school. You know when you will go to class and how long it will take to get your degree. You can plan the rest of your schedule around school and plan farther into the future.

Other items are not as structured, such as learning to network or practicing making presentations. These are skills you need to figure out how to learn on your own.

Some steps may include:

  • Asking a friend who is good in that area for some advice or resources
  • Looking in local education brochures for workshops
  • Find organizations or associations that might allow you to practice these skills
  • Search online for books, webinars, articles, etc. There is so much to be found on the internet, you are sure to get more resources than you could ever read.

Make Your Plan

Decide what you’re going to do and when. Make a plan with milestones. Then get started! Be realistic with your goals and dates, but also set a pace to ensure you get there.

Do you have your plan mapped out for 2012?


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