Career Planning Cycle- Determine Exposures Needed

Now that you know where you are starting from (Determine Your Starting Point) and where you want to end up (Establish Goals), you can connect the dots in between. Examine your situation to figure out what you can get exposure in to help you move forward- make a list of all the types of education, training, practice that will benefit you.


What types of programs might be helpful?

  • Will you need a CPA or MBA?
  • Will you need cross-functional technical exposure (audit to tax, general to cost accounting, etc)?
  • Should you polish your presentation skills or join professional associations?
  • Do you need to work on business development or networking skills?

Talk to your boss or other higher level professionals and human resources to find out what steps might be right for you. You can also talk to someone who currently holds the title you desire. They might be able to tell you what skills would be useful in that position.

A recruiter can also help you with this step. They typically have seen many people move through the same levels and have an understanding of what employers want when looking to hire someone in specific positions.

Do you know what skills you need to work on for 2012?


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