Attracting Talent- Culture Development

Establishing a company’s vision and values are the first steps in developing a deliberate corporate culture. It is important that the company leaders make sure all employees understand what the main goals are and what is valued by corporate leadership.

Vision and Values
Having clear a vision and values statement makes it easier to get everyone working towards the same end. An additional bonus is that having clear vision and values can be a competitive advantage in your business strategy.

Building trust is another important part of developing a great culture. Employees will become unhappy if they don’t feel they can trust their employer.

Trust begins with the leader and the team. Employees must trust more than just their immediate supervisors; it has to go all the way to the top. Trust is built by having open communications channels when dealing with criticism and complaints.

Teamwork and Empowerment
Organizations should strive for a culture of collaboration. This means that employees need to listen to one another and be open to new ideas, working as one large team.

Each of these items is not something that is easily done overnight. The best way to move forward is to make a plan and work it step by step. Once you have established the corporate culture you desire, you will attract employees who share those values. These employees will work harder and stay longer since they are aligned to what your company believes in.

Does your company have a distinct culture developed? Is this something you are working on for 2012?


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