Identifying Talent- Talent Pipeline

Building a talent pipeline means developing a database of qualified candidates for key roles in your organization in anticipation of future hiring needs. This way you are ready with relevant candidates whenever the need arises- you do not have to start at square one each time.

In today’s market, you cannot simply wait for the right candidates to show up at the exact time you need them. You must anticipate your needs and work on finding those candidates now. This pool of candidates must then be maintained until they are needed.

  • Identify successful talent pools
    Discover where your ideal candidates are and begin the relationship. Create awareness of your organization to people who may want to work there.
  • Evaluate your current process
    Find out what is working and what isn’t, then you can make better decisions. Try some new ideas to improve your process.
  • Set a goal
    Once you have a starting point, you can set some reasonable goals. You can decide to try for certain percentages from each source. Continue to measure and adjust your goals.
  • Keep the talent pool engaged
    Once you have found the talent, you must maintain the pool of candidates. Keep them informed of company news, opportunities, etc. There are many ways to keep them engaged with the technology available today, including websites and social and professional networking sites.

Finding the right talent at the right time is one of the biggest challenges employers face today. The time and effort you invest in your pipeline today will payoff in easier staffing for many years into the future.

What do you find the most challenging about getting the right talent at the right time? What would make this easier for you?


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