Preparing for an Annual Review

Performance reviews can be stressful in a slower economy filled with layoffs. It can be difficult deciding what to say about yourself, but it is an important part of progressing in your career.

Instead of being worried, get excited about this opportunity to talk about the great things you are accomplishing in your position.

  • Look back in your planner
    Use your planner or calendar to remind you about those big projects you had last year.
  •  Track impact
    Remember to mention things you have done that helped the company that were beyond your projects. Remind them about the times you pitched in to help the team, saved the account or stayed late.
  • Compare goals to action
    If you have goals set for you, make sure you address each one and how you did. No one expects perfection, but you should acknowledge how your performance met the goals.
  • Give explanations, not excuses
    If things did not always go as planned, make sure you explain the reasons for this. But don’t spend all your time making excuses or blaming others. Acknowledge what you could have done better and what you have learned from the experience.
  • Set a plan for the next year
    Come with ideas for the next year. Focus on the impact you want to make and where you want to go in your career. You can discuss your own professional development and how you can set yourself apart.
  • Prepare for your next review now
    Take some time to make notes as 2012 progresses. You will be in a much better position when your next review roll around.

Remember, this is your chance to talk about your position and where you want to be headed. Take the initiative to drive your career- you are in charge of your direction.


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