Identifying Talent- Talent Sources

Once you have identified the key roles in your organization that are needed to achieve your strategic plan, you must then find the people to fill those roles.

Finding qualified people to interview can be very challenging. Many of these individuals are not job hunting, so they may not see job listings online. This is where you will need to use some different strategies to find your best talent pool.

  • Your corporate website
    Even though it might not be seen by the passive candidate, you should still have it there in case someone who is job searching may forward it to a friend. Plus this is easy and quick to do.
  • Outsource your research
    A Recruiting Researcher is experienced at using online information to find very specific profiles that you can use to develop an initial list to call.
  • Associations
    Find associations that are geared towards the type of candidate you are searching for. You may be able to post something to their members about your opportunities.
  • Universities
    Check your local universities for programs that would create the candidates you are seeking. People who finish Graduate and Undergraduate programs are often open to new jobs.
  • Competitors
    If a certain position is key for your organization, it is probably also important for your competitors. There may be an opportunity to find someone who has experience in exactly what you need. If they are unhappy for whatever reason at your competitor, they may be willing to talk to your company.
  • Social Media
    These channels are frequented by millions of people every day. Your passive candidate might not go to a job board and search for jobs, but he may be curious and click the link to a job he sees on Twitter or LinkedIn. There are also ways that you can search for members of these sites using specific criteria to narrow the results- such as by job title, zip code, education, etc.

Try some if these ideas to get new candidates into your system. Get a jump on your competitors and find those key employees for 2012!

What strategies do you use to find new candidates? What has worked and what has not?


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