Career Reflection 2011

planner imageEvery professional should have a career management plan. This is a plan that focuses on what you do well, what you want to improve on, goals that you have and the strategies to get you there. It is a tool that you use over time to make sure you are on track to meeting your goals.

As you begin to create a career management plan, it helps to reflect on the past. You can then decide what you want to change going forward.

  • Where have you been in your career up to this point?
    Think about all your experiences and how you have gotten to where you are now. This includes education, seminars, jobs, training, etc.
  • What were your milestones in 2011?
    What did you get done this past year? Things such as projects, quotas, big accounts, recognition, etc.
  • What happened in 2011 that you would have changed?
    Was there anything that did not go well last year? Think of areas you would like to improve upon.
  • What do you want going forward?
    Now that you have thought about the past, what do you want to do in the future? This can be staying on the same path or making a radical career change or something in between. Think about what will make you happy- this is the time to dream big. This is your career goal- it is ok to think long-term.
  • What can you do in 2012 to help you get there?
    Now that you have come up with a career goal, how can you get there? If it is a long-term goal, you probably won’t be able to get it done in 2012. Focus down to the smaller steps that will help you get there. It could be something like take a class, look for additional responsibilities in a certain area to gain experience, or even look for another job.

You can download our worksheet: CareerReflection2011

At this point you should have a general roadmap with some action items for 2012 and a career goal that you are excited about. Great job!

What action items are on your list for 2012? What is your ultimate career goal?


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