Identifying Talent- Key Roles

Do you know that you have all the talent necessary to meet your 2012 objectives?

Successful organizations have a clear Talent Management Strategy, allowing them to hire the people where and when they need to meet their strategic vision. The fact is that talent is in demand and you need to have a plan in place to be able to attract top talent to your organization instead of your competitors.

A Talent Management Strategy is made up of several steps. We will start with Identifying Talent by defining key roles.

Defining Key Roles

First you must decide which talent roles are the most critical. This can be done by looking at the positions having the greatest impact on revenues and business outcomes. Your business will suffer if these key roles are left unfilled or are filled with the wrong person.

  • Once you know they key roles for your organization, you can define specific tasks needed to be done by this person.
  • You can use your strategic plan to make sure that all the tasks are in line with your goals.
  • Now when you write your job description, you will have a list of critical duties that you can pull from.

Do you have a Talent Strategy? What is on your list for that strategy in 2012?


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