Be More Productive at Work in 2012- 5 Tips

One important part of success at work is being as productive as possible. Being seen as a productive worker can help you move towards your career goals more quickly.

Here are 5 tips that can help you be more productive in your job this year.

  • Limit distractions
    Set up your work area to be as free from distractions as possible. Return phone calls and emails during your breaks if possible. This will allow you to get larger chunks of work done.
  • Make a plan
    Gather all your work tasks/projects and write them on a list, putting a star by the items that are a priority due to timing or importance. Each morning, check your list and make a plan for the tasks that you can reasonably get done that day.
  • Don’t multi-task
    Multi-tasking does not get things done more quickly, in fact you are wasting minutes every time you try to switch to another task. It is too easy to get off track when you start doing other things, resulting in no tasks actually getting completed at the end of the day.
  • Take breaks
    Take several breaks throughout the day to allow you to relax and recharge. Sometimes you can even come up with an idea or solution while your brain is focused on something else.
  • Wrap up at the end of the day
    At the end of the day-before you go home- look at your task list. Make notes of what was completed, where you are on tasks in progress and what new tasks need added. This will make it easier the next day when it comes time to make your new plan for that day.

Of course not every day will go as planned, and you will not always be as productive as you’d like. But using these ideas can certainly make a difference in your overall work output.

What things do you do to be more productive? What are you going to work on in 2012 to get more done?


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